10 Common Mistakes Women Make With Lingerie #2 Is The Most Common

In a competition to fit in the set standards, there ought to some common mistakes women make with lingerie. Body needs vary from individual to individual hence everything that looks good is not suitable for everybody. This gets more evident in the case of women who have a multiple choice of undergarments. Sometimes, women’s fashion seems quite impractical. But that is what everybody wants to follow. Why? Because women are expected to meet certain societal standards.

Women are guided by several guidelines on how to look, what to wear, how to sit, how to talk, what to do, and a lot more. In this process, women keep buying products even if they are unable to use it properly. How many of you have bought lingerie? I am sure, many of you. But there are some of the very common mistakes women make with lingerie. In this article, we are going to list out some of the common mistakes women make with lingerie along with the solutions to those problems.

Some of the very common mistakes women make with lingerie are listed below:

Choosing the wrong kind of undergarments

bra fabric

Lacy bras and underwears are not suitable to wear under tight dresses since the lace creates a rough surface above the dress which prevents a smooth and sophisticated look of the outfit.
Solution: Can go for smooth, seamless bras or a wire-free seamless contour bra.

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shape wear

In the pursuit of looking like the magazine cover girls, many women approach wrong methods. They often wear shapewear of smaller size. This can prove to be pretty harmful to the body especially when you should not wear shapewear for more than 6 hours. This can disrupt the normal flow of blood as well.
Solution: Measure your breast size before buying a shapewear

Wearing the wrong Bra Size

bra size

Believing to wear a bigger size bra to make your beast look more prominent is not a solution. Wrong bra sizes can cause a severe backache and also disrupt blood flowing case of small size. This comes to be one of the most common mistakes women make with lingerie.
Solution: Make sure that bra straps do not fall. If they do, you need to re-check your bra size. Also, if you want to look your breasts to look bigger then use push-up bras which are padded.

Colour of your undergarments

underwear color

It is essential to choose an appropriate color of your undergarment to avoid looking tacky and inappropriate. A black bra under a white blouse might once be a trend, but if you need to be up to date with fashion, then you need to change this.
Solution: Always select a flesh/skin colored bra with light and thin fabric.

Do not take homewear lightly


All women know the pain of wearing a bra, and we love taking it off once we are back home. But those with more significant, saggy breasts need to take special care because not wearing a bra at home might harm the breast ligaments.
Solution: The best feasible option is to wear a sports bra. It will help your skin breathe while holding your breasts without causing any discomfort.

Choosing the wrong material/ fabric


Undoubtedly, cotton clothes are the best considering the comfort and health, but they often wear and tear very easily.
Solution: Always select 80% cotton and 20% elastane for your undergarments fabric

Take care of your body

panties styles

A lot of you love wearing thongs because of its invisibility under clothes But beware! The fabric of thongs is synthetic which can irritate sensitive skin also causing bacterial growth and irritation in some areas.
Solution: Avoid thongs for every day use and switch to something more comfortable.

Unmatched tops and bottoms

unmatching top and bottom

Often women buy bras and panties separately. This leaves them with no pairs and may not suit for everyday tasks.
Solution: Try buying a lingerie set. The best part is that the top and bottom fabric matches and it also gives an elegant look.

Wearing the wrong daily use underwear

everyday underwear

One of the many common mistakes women make with lingerie is that they wear shapewear or silk underwear for everyday use. This can have a negative impact from bad body shape to health issues.
Solution: Get yourself sleep panties for daily use. They have a perfect fit and are also made of high-quality fabric which does not create any skin issue.

Not knowing which kind of underwear suits your body

Underwear that suits your body type

For those of you who have a pear-shaped body, simple shorts or lace shorts will perfectly suit to shape up your tush. And those with curves or hourglass body shape enjoy wearing high rise panties. But if you have short legs try avoiding boxers and shorts and rather wear bikini panties instead.

under suits

Well, these were some very common mistakes women make with lingerie with their solutions. If you also face some of these issues, try following the solution to deal with it.