12 Female Beauty Products You Should Never Waste Your Money On #9 Is Completely Useless

Here we will be talking about female beauty products you should never waste your money on. The world of female cosmetics seems like a galaxy. You have so much to choose from. Feminine products cater to the needs of almost all their body parts. Ranging from hair to the feet, we can find countless options for female beauty enhancers. But on a serious note, did you know that you have been wasting money on some of these products which are useless to an extent?

Let us tell you about a survey of 2017 conducted by an American cosmetic internet store. An average woman uses about 16 cosmetic products on a daily basis. Did it surprise you? The variety of skincare and makeup items available in the market amounts to the number of products a female uses on a daily basis. Also, societal standards have a strong base to push the women to fulfill a specific set of ideas for beauty. Hence, the female beauty products are marketed in such a way that they will compel you to use them. We tried finding out some of the female beauty products which are not worth spending money.

Here are the female beauty products you should never waste your money on:

Night Facial Creams

Night cream

Night facial creams contain components like retinol which do not work in the daytime because of the influence of sun rays. Night creams are supposed to be used only before sleeping because they work best when asleep. Still, dermatologists are of the opinion that special night creams are unnecessarily overpriced and one can easily avoid buying these if females take care of their skin during the day.

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Female shaving creams and foams

Female shaving creams and foams

Have you ever noticed the remarkable difference in prices of female and male shaving creams? Well, male shaving creams are way less expensive than the female ones. Both have the same content which softens the hair and moisturize the skin so that one can shave over it quickly. The only difference is the unreasonable price of the female shaving cream and the fragrance. If a scent does not matter to you, then you can quickly shift to buying the male shaving cream because they do the same task at a much lesser price.

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Pore Strips for Blackheads

Pore Strips for Blackheads

One of the female products you should never waste your money on are pore strips. Pore strips meant for removing blackheads do not complete the task they are made for. The reason for blackheads is the accumulation of bacteria along with excess skin secretions at the base of the hair follicle. But did you know that pore strips only remove surface dirt and also pull off the protective layer of the skin? This, in turn, damages the healthy skin cells leaving it open to further damage. These strips are useless because they do not help remove acne by any chance. Hence, it is better you should get a good cleansing gel which has salicylic acid.

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Neck Cream

neck cream is totally a useless product for females

Another female beauty products you should never waste your money on is a neck cream. Indeed, your neck area is fragile and delicate. But it does not need a special cream. A regular moisturizer is enough to keep that area hydrated. Daily moisturizing is also essential, but that can quickly be done with a regular cream or moisturizer. You do not need to invest in a special neck cream.

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Face Sprays

Face Sprays one of other useless product

Do you think that should put in money for something like a face spray? No. Dermatologists opine the same. The face sprays which are meant to moisturize your skin do the exact opposite. They instead pull out the moisture from the skin making it even drier. And dry skin is prone to several other issues. There is no such moisturizing content in these sprays that one should spend a huge amount of money for it.

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Matte Wipes

Matte wipes useless item

You can easily replace matte wipes with tissues. People with oily skin face a lot of issues because of the excess sebum on their skin, but you do not need to buy matte wipes to remove the oil from the surface. Regular tissues and towels can reasonably do the same task. Matte wipes are irrationally expensive and yet can be easily replaced. Try considering this suggestion.

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Thermal Hairsprays

Thermal hairsprays

These hairsprays prevent evaporation of excess moisture from the hair. This effect is created because of silicone which is present in most of the hair products like styling sprays and caring oils. Hence, you do not need to buy a particular thermal hairspray to take care of your hair. The natural styling sprays or caring oils are way less cheap than the thermal hairsprays.

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Sunscreen with SPF 50+

Sunscreen with SPF 50+

Most of the women are highly mistaken that the more the SPF, the better protection it provides. And this is why they end up buying sunscreens with SPF 50+ which are more expensive than the ones with lesser SPF. The false sense of protection from ultraviolet rays misleads majority of the women. The optimal choice of sunscreens is anything between SPF 15 to 50. So next time remember that these sunscreens are those female beauty products you should never waste your money on.

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Nail Polish Top Coat

Nail polish top coat

Are you of the misconception that an extra nail polish coat will add on to the durability of your nail polish? Well, let us break your bubble. The longevity of your nail polish entirely depends upon the nail polish one uses and not the additional coating. It is wrong to expect a salon like a manicure effect applying that top coat on your nail polish. Many of you end up buying colored nail paint along with a transparent nail polish coat. But you can cut down expenses by purchasing a good quality nail polish which gives a glossy look without an additional coating.

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Foot Creams

foot cream

Foot creams are one of the most useless female beauty products you should never waste your money on. You can easily use a good moisturizer, petroleum jelly or essential oils like olive oil to moisturize your feet. Also, you can scrub the sole with a heel cleaner while bathing and apply moisturizer after it and before sleeping. This will reduce the unnecessary burden of buying a foot cream to add another product to your expense box.

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Split-end Eliminators

Split-End Eliminators

Unfortunately, you cannot cure split ends with this product. Instead, this product will leave your hair more frizzy. Serums might seem to neutralize this effect, but it is only a temporary result which creates the illusion of smoother and shinier hair. The only and best way to manage your split ends is to chop them off. This will allow healthier hair to come which were otherwise restrained because of split ends.

Cuticle Oil

Cuticle Oil is useless product for women

Another female beauty products you should never waste your money on is the cuticle oil. You can take care of the cuticle of your fingers and toes by keeping them moisturized with a regular moisturizer or essential oils. Also, the best time to apply these is, after your bath and before going to bed. But make sure to clean your fingers and toe-fingers before using either the cream or oil. Otherwise, there are chances of dirt accumulation consequently damaging the cuticles.

Hence, now you must have got an idea of the female beauty products you should never waste your money on. Time to wake up women and understand the market strategies to manipulate us into buying these useless products. If you want to take care of yourself, go natural, eat healthily, and enjoy the life to the fullest. This is the secret to a healthy, glowing body.