15+ Hidden Meaning of Famous Tech Companies’ Logos You Did Not Know

With the advancement in technology, there emerged several companies. But have you ever wondered the hidden meaning of famous tech companies’ logos? Every company wants to stand out in the league, and hence they put in a lot of effort for their logo. They wish to make such a logo which will attract public attention within seconds. Well, every single logo has a backstory. Many of the tech companies’ logos have gone through a full phase of modifications. It is always interesting to know the hidden meaning of famous logos.

In this article, we will tell you the hidden meaning of famous tech companies’ logos:


secret amazon logo

This renowned company owned by Jeff Bezos currently took over Microsoft to become the most valuable company across the globe. The arrow in the logo which is from the letter A to Z means that Amazon has everything that you want.


Google logo

We keep searching so much through Google but have you noticed its logo? The Google logo features the three primary colors except for the letter L in it. It is merely to break the pattern of doing the unconventional.


Beats logo

This music company has a very simple logo which represents the human head while letter B is like headphones worn on the head. Interesting, isn’t it?


Cisco logo

This company has a digital signal which depicts two towers of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is located in San Francisco which happens to be the home of the company.


Apple logo

The cut in the logo of Apple was deliberately made to make it look different from any other fruit and to preserve the logo’s uniqueness. Know that the logo has gone through a long process of modifications since its inception.

Nintendo GameCube

Nintendo Gamecube logo

The cube in the logo includes the letter G and C from the name GameCube.


IBM logo

The capital letters in the logo show dominance and authority. And the horizontal stripes symbolize speed of progress.


Samsung logo

The logo uses the Helvetica font where letter A is found with a slight alteration. In Korean, Samsung means three and the blue color symbolizes trustworthiness, reliability, and commitment. Samsung users put your hands up!


LG logo

The logo contains both the letters L and G and it also depicts the on/off button.


Dell logo

The letter E is slanted in the logo because the founder Michael Dell wished to turn the world on its ear. Another interpretation says that the letter resembles a floppy disk.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox logo

The animal in the logo is not a fox but a red panda named Firefox. Did you notice this before?


The Vaio

The logo is not just a weird stroke of line, but both the letters V and A form an analog wave whereas the I and O are binary codes.


Microsoft logo.

The four different color shades represent diverse portfolios and services which the company offers.


The Nokia logo.

The tagline of Nokia “connecting people” shows the aim of the company to connect people without any barriers and the color blue of the logo represents its home country, i.e., Finland.


Ubuntu logo

If you can take a closer look at this logo, it will show three upward facing people who are holding hands.


ATT logo

The blue wires which are shown spanning across the globe symbolize a worldwide telecommunication company’s aim.


The Xerox logo

From a document and photography company towards a hi-tech information technology organization, Xerox has gone through great modifications. The sphere depicts a beach ball. It symbolizes fun and the new philosophy of the brand which aims to make it technically advanced company.


XNA logo

This is from the house of Microsoft. It is a developer tool for games. The logo contains a combination of the Morse code for XNA.”— · · —” represents X, “— ·” means N, and “· —” stands for A.


Eighty20 logo

This is a data analytics company. The top row has 1010000 which represents 80, and the bottom row has 0010100 which represent 20. Intuitive, right?


Picasa logo

The logo lived up to its name. ‘Casa’ in Picasa means a house in the Spanish language. No wonder, Picasa was a home for all our pictures.

Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems logo

Oracle brought this in 2012. The logo has the letter U arranged in a manner that it would spell Sun from whichever angle you look at. Aren’t the hidden meaning of famous tech companies’ logos creative also?

These were the hidden meaning of famous tech companies’ logos you might not have known. Next time you buy or consume any product of these companies you will see the meaning of their logos. And you can also boast about your knowledge in front of your tech lover friends.