5 Craziest top secret space programs

Well, there have been too many movies that tell us that NASA is a pro at hiding stuff from the general public. So there is no surprise in getting to know that truly there are lots of things and we mean crazy things that are hidden from the eyes of the public. Today we have something super cool to tell you, we have found about a man named Gary McKinnon. You must be thinking yeah okay some guy, must have done something good. No no, this man hacked into the computer system of NASA and found out some crazy things. Now mind you, these crazy things were massively covered, and only a handful few had their hands on this information. Today we will give you the gory and amazing details about top-secret space programs that were hidden from us.

What kind of things you may wanna know? Like Buzz Aldrin reporting about a strange, unidentified L-Shaped aircraft or an artificial monolith on Phobos ( Mar’s moon). Imagine, if humans didn’t make that monolith, then who can it be? We don’t know if any things are true or real, but this gives us a chance to research and find out newer things about the Earth and the universe.

So let’s begin with this list of 5 craziest top secret space programs:

1. Solar Warden


Solar Warden one of top space programs

Did you know that there were a space program names Star Wars? And of course, it has nothing to do with the movie. If you do know about it, then it will make sense. Otherwise, you might wanna google it. Because Solar warden was like a plus one to the star wars program. SO in this project, there were to be 8 motherships and 40 other small vessels. These vessels
were to serve as a border, and now the crazy begins. Apparently, a guy maned William Tompkins said that he telepathically communicated with some benevolent extra-terrestrials. This guy was an insider, and many other insiders have said that Nazis and Eisenhower had taken the side of the villain ETs for weapons in exchange of human subjects. Well this stopped making sense to us a long time ago but who knows, with all the things going on, this could be true as well.

2. German Breakaway Civilization

German Breakaway Civilization

We have heard and read a lot about Nazis and Hitler but did you know that in all the craziness, there was also an interstellar war involved? Intrigued? So an occult Nazi lade named Maria Orsic ended up contacting the aliens and they taught her how to build an interstellar spaceship. Now, this lady did not want the information to get in the hands of Hitler, so one fine day in the 1930s, she along with her entire group vanished in thin air. No one had a clue where they went and so the legend rose that she succeeded in building the ship and went to Aldebaran. Do you think she succeeded? Or is it all just some strange story?

3. The Dark Fleet

The Dark Fleet

Okay, now things are going to get really weird. So we are going to tell you one story today. There is a race in the Orion galaxy called the Reptilians and they are iguanas who are like super smart. So smart that they are actually controlling what we are typing right now. Oh, and these iguanas are intelligent but they are the brainchild of another artificial intelligence. Now this AI is from another Universe. Not planet, not galaxy but another universe. Now, where did this story come from? There was a group of Nazi Germans who consisted of this group of the titular Dark fleet. These Nazis apparently defended the Solar system from the “good alien”. The question lies in the fact that why does our solar system need protection from good aliens in the first plan. This one is a story that made the least sense to us and hopefully, after reading what we understood, you could muster some sense out of it too. Do you think that this story could be in relation with any top secret space program? Sounds more like a badly scripted movie right?

4. Project Moon Shadow

Project Moon Shadow

We have always loved the Marvel series and the enhanced human beings that have come into picture. But would you believe that something like this has been done here as well? The scientists created genetically advanced embryos and planted them into some women. Now once the babies were born, their training started and can you guess where this training took place or is taking place? We will tell you, but you must believe us, these enhanced humans were taken to the moon while they were kids and then trained under the supervision of adult soldiers. Not just trained, they were even supposed to fight these adults to show how good they were. It is said that over 300 of such boys and girls were taken to the moon. Do you think such a project exists? And do you think you can be one of them or someone you know who seems more than human?

5. Mars Defence Force

Mars Defense Force

Another story that will make you feel like a movie can be made on this. So we know earth needs defending but did you know that Mars also needs people to defend it. The first thing to ask is that why do mars need defending? Who lives on Mars? Ideally, if we are sending people to defend Mars, then someone must be there on Mars and someone else is trying to capture them or kill them. Now those are too many questions and we are still trying to get those answers. But this force basically recruited people and then they would serve under this force for 20 years. If you haven’t guesses, 20 years in Mars! Once their 20 years of service is over, they are sent back to earth. Now, the craziest part: their memory is erased and their age reduced. How? God only knows. So these soldiers will have no recollection that they went to mars and lost 20 years of their lives and came back in time after serving in a defense force. That’s sad, imagine how much you could brag about protecting lizard kind people on another planet?

So these were the 5 craziest top secret space programs that we put together for you. Hope you liked them. If you have the intel on anything else that you would like to share. Please comment and let us know! We are waiting for all your responses.