5 Reasons Why India Needs MS Dhoni in 2019 World Cup

Time to hold your seat belts for the journey of the 2019 World Cup is to begin soon. To tell that India needs MS Dhoni in the 2019 World Cup won’t be an over-exaggeration. Despite a lot of issues floating in the media field as well as inside the cricket team, fans are anyway geared up for the coming World Cup in London. Notwithstanding all this, he ought to be a pivotal part of the Blue Squad.
Millions of hearts broke when Captain Cool stepped down from the post of Captaincy. For many of you, it was indigestible. Why not? He has given reasons to get tears in every cricket fan’s eyes, been an inspiration for his composed attitude and also brought unexpected last ball victories to India’s bag.
A successful wicket-keeper, a finisher, a mentor. That is how you define the name, MS Dhoni. All this gives you reasons to believe why India needs MS Dhoni in the 2019 World Cup. With 338 ODIs and 94 T20s, he has established a foundation for the young blood in the team.

Here, we list five primary reasons why India needs MS Dhoni in the 2019 World Cup:

Great Runner between the Wickets

Ms Dhoni is a Great Runner between the Wickets

You must have known Dhoni as one of the quickest runners between the wickets. His running is very close to a 100-meter race where his ultimate goal is to reach the other end as fast as possible. Undoubtedly, Hardik Pandya is one of them, but he is nowhere close to Dhoni’s sprint. Grabbing those singles and doubles and eventually bringing the Indian team close to victory is one of his famous techniques.
A video of him racing with fellow Chennai Super Kings mates was viral. Well, you do know the winner. This proves his mastery in the art of running and also how his idea of valuing every single run on the field.

Finishing Abilities

Ms Dhoni best finisher of all time in indian cricket history

Which Indian cricket fan doesn’t remember the mega six of 2011 World Cup against Sri Lanka? Well, this isn’t the only match where he emerged as the best finisher. When Dhoni is on the field, and the end is near, fans die to see him finish the game. No matter which number does he enter the ground, his remarkable skills have given fans reasons to believe why India needs MS Dhoni in the 2019 World Cup.
Winding up games by himself is his way. Recall most of the IPL matches. Fans craved for the finisher to give the reasons to give him a shout out from the stands. Dhoni is a name which keeps the game alive even if it’s 20 odd runs in the last over.

Helping Hand to Virat Kohli

Ms Dhoni is helping virat

No matter how dashing Virat Kohli might seem to be, he will always be his brainchild. Nonetheless, Virat was a deputy to him in the limited-over formats. It has been over a year that Dhoni stepped down as a captain. But you need to admit something. We love when we see Dhoni lends a helping hand to Virat Kohli on the field.
Be it from the field setting to suggesting changes and also to take over worse situations in his hand, Dhoni’s sportsmanship and support to the new captain prove his worth as an individual to the team.

Fastest gloves in the business

Ms Dhoni fastest stump

Don’t you love and admire Dhoni when every time he stumps a batsman behind the wickets? We miss him in the matches he isn’t wicketkeeping. He is an unparalleled talent behind the wickets. Primarily because he was good at football and learned it very keenly during his childhood.
Adam Gilchrist also places Dhoni above himself. What can be a better compliment than this?

A role model for youngsters

Ms Dhoni role model for many young cricketers and fans

More than his cricketing acquisition, what matters more is his charisma and his disposition as an inspiration. From getting new talent on the field to helping youngsters hone their skill, MS Dhoni has carved a niche for himself in this sport. His presence in itself is a source of confidence for the team and billions of Indians.
Call him a lucky charmer, the perfectionist, the mentor or the fatherly figure of the Indian team. We have given you ample justifications as to why India needs MS Dhoni in the 2019 World Cup.

These are the very primary reasons why MS Dhoni plays a vital role in the upcoming World Cup. Let us hope a good performance from the Indian team.