7 Famous Movie Characters Which Have Been Copied

Don’t you sometimes feel that you are familiar to a character shown on television? Some don’t give it a thought, but on a serious note, there are some famous movie characters which have been copied. It eventually questions the creativity of the makers.

Give this article a read. You will know about some of the famous movie characters which have been copied:

Kimba the White Lion vs. The Lion King

Kimba the White Lion vs The Lion King

Don’t believe this? Well, to give you a reality check, The Lion King had been taken from the first Japanese color animated television series in 1965. It was called Kimba, the White Lion. Except for the first letter and the color of the lion, Simba and Kimba seem to be like twins. Also, both listen to the wise advice of old baboons, fight against a cruel relative and talk to ghosts which appear from clouds. However, Disney Studios deny the fact of copying from Kimba, the White Lion.

Zorro vs. Batman

Zorro vs Batman

Zorro was introduced in the year1919. He was known to have a secret cave under his mansion. Here he kept his equipment along with his costume and “zorromobile.” Besides, there was an ordinary butler who was in both movies.

Looney Tunes Vs. Little Man

Looney Tunes vs Little Man

Looney Tunes comes in the list of famous movies characters which have been copied. Know why? It is adapted from the Little Man. The plot of Little Man and Looney Tunes is very similar where a baby is left on the doorstep of the main characters’ house and turns out to be a naughty dwarf. Who knew such an adorable cartoon show had been copied from an older version?

Little Monsters vs. Monsters, Inc.

Little Monsters vs Monsters, Inc.

The movie Little Monsters was released in 1989. It starred a blue monster named Maurice and a baby named Brian. Brian discovers the monster Maurice under his bed. Brian is stolen by a dangerous monster and is later saved by his monster friend. We see a similar plot in the Monsters, Inc.

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Soldier vs. The Terminator

Soldier vs The Terminator

Woah! Surprised? You ought to be. Did you know that Harlan Ellison is the author of the Soldier story according to which, the first movie and the main character of The Terminator were created?

Christmas Toys vs. Toy Story

The Christmas Toy vs Toy Story

Where in 1986, toys came alive, and people rarely noticed them, Disney created The Toy Story. Though Disney claims that it was “just” inspired from The Christmas Toy and nothing more than that.

Deathstroke vs. Deadpool

Deathstroke vs Deadpool

Sounds little similar? Yes. It is not just the name but also the looks of both the characters that are similar. Deathstroke made its debut in 1980. If you see both the series, you will find more similarities than differences.

Isn’t it interesting to find famous movie characters which have been copied? Let your friends also know about all of them.