Who Are We?

Are you someone who loves to know about the entertainment industry? Or is a keen traveler looking forward to holiday destinations? Or a sports lover who sticks posters of the favorite players on the walls? If I’m Correct, then you are in the right place. Droll.me is an independent digital media company which focuses on delivering information about entertainment, travel, sports, fashion, facts, relations, and about a lot more fields.

We have a witty team of people working on the everyday content and who believe in our theme – EVERY STORY MATTERS. We get umpteen positive and entertaining stories on board with the help of our team. We, as an entity believe that connection with the audience is what delivers the news to the best. Hence, we provide news and entertainment worth sharing with your family, friends and the people next door!

What’s unique about us?

Well, if you are looking for our uniqueness, then it lies in the fact that we cater to a global audience. Droll.me does not stick to one nation. Instead, we have a plethora of information crossing all the boundaries. From Hollywood to a small act of kindness done in a part of the world, we get every genre of information on board. Not only this, but we also educate our audience by providing them with various factual news, relationship advice, funny articles and a lot more. Hence, we can hit the arrow for multiple genres.

What else?

Droll.me believes in picking the best for the team. And hence, we delegate work as per the forte of the members. As the next priority on our list, the interests of the writers is what we second to. This element strengthens our team and gets the best for our content. Our team also tries experimenting with their genres, and thus, this develops the motivational aspect for our writers.

So go on a spree of hunting your favorite genre through Droll.me and share with all you can.