How to Turn on Night Mode in Twitter on Android or iphone

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platform, which recently got updated with a bunch of new features but one feature made it to the top which was Night Mode for twitter.

Yes, twitter made is easy to turn on night mode on Twitter, once you switch on the screen turns dark which will help you to read on dark or low light areas.

I rarely use twitter during day time due to workload but I open it during night time for sure to check what’s happening around the world, thus I’m very much happy to see twitter night mode as it will help my eyes to not get strained out.

it’s very helpful if you turn on night mode in twitter if you use twitter app on your phone during night time.

How to Turn on Night Mode in Twitter on Android or iphone

Here is How you can get started in 3 simple steps

How to Enable and Use Night Mode in Twitter on Android and iPhone

Important Note: Please update your Twitter app before you proceed.

Step 1: Open Twitter App on your mobile phone ( Android and iPhone)

Step 2:  Click on Home tab which you’ll find on the bottom right corner –> Next click on your Profile Icon.

Tap on Home Icon then Tap on Profile Icon in Twitter on iPhone

Step 3: Down left corner, you’ll see a Moon icon click on it and your night mode will be activated.

Enable Night Mode in Twitter on iPhone and iPad

How to Turn off Night Mode on Twitter in Android and iPhone 

Don’t want to use twitter night mode? then you can turn it off by simply following the steps

1. Just Follow step 1 and step 2 which we mentioned above.

2. Now, click again on the Moon icon.

Disable Night Mode in Twitter on iPhone and iPad

Bingo! you have not turned off dark mode in twitter but in case further, you want to turn on dark mode in twitter just follow the steps which we mentioned above.


Dark Mode in twitter on android was released in July 2016

As of March 2019 still, they are many countries which don’t have any dark mode feature on Twitter.

Didn’t find any Moon Option even after updating the app then simply change your country to USA on play store.

I hope this article on how to turn on night mode in twitter helped you, if so please share it with friends and family.