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Download and install Lucky Patcher Apk

Looking for some exciting information about Lucky Patcher? Just get along with us and rock the world with extreme fun and excitement. Introduction of smartphones in the industry has created a revolution in the industry. It is a storm that has made it quite easier to perform various tasks just within very few seconds.

We all love to enjoy variant apps and playing games on our Smartphones, don’t we? Of course YES.

Most of the android users have games installed on their devices, if not more, one is undoubtedly for there.

The Android world is full of craziness where most of us prefer to spend our free time while spending our hours on playing our favorite games. The most annoying things that face on while accessing various apps and games is in-app purchasing or purchase for some locked levels, characters, resources, coins and much more.

Most of us surely don’t feel right to spend our hard earned money on getting such things on our devices that don’t have any relation with the real world. We often think if we have some mask to cover this in-app purchasing option or some magic that can fly away from those words from our device’s screen.

lucky patcher original

So guys! Lets you bag packs ready and fasten up your seat belts as we are here to take you on the tour of one of the most amazing apps that will enable you to choose a side way from such options and that is Lucky Patcher APK.

It is the most natural source that offers you seamless access just by just taking you from the sideway from the payment gateway.

Have you ever thought why various apps and games offer such purchasing options in between? So lets’ make you a natural explanation for you. A large number of apps and games are being introduced into the market place. But only a few get position on the higher ranks. Everyone here in the marketplace is just for earning money. If someone is providing services to the users and the users like it a great way, why didn’t he/she will try to make some sales from it as well?

Whenever an app and game starts up attaining some higher ranks on various app stores, the officials start putting some in-app purchasing option in between there. The users who already have got addicted to such platforms will try their best to get the premium features to enjoy at any cost, and they will surely pay for that also.

But there is a vast population of such people as well who want to enjoy the premium features but surely don’t want to spend on it. To make it convenient for them, we have come up with the Download Lucky Patcher option.


App Name Lucky Patcher
Version 8.3.2
Developer Droll.Me
Supported On Android 2.3+
Avg Rating 4.8
Last Updated 6 May 2019

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What is Lucky Patcher?

If you are addicted to games, Lucky Patcher Original is must to have hacking app game for you. It is one of the most beautiful apps present in the marketing that makes it easy for you to modify a vast range of Android applications and games so that you can enjoy them to the fullest. As hacking is an illegal act, hence we ensure the security features involved in the APK file as well.

Lucky Patcher Original APK is one of the most excellent tools present in the market that you can make use for blocking up those annoying advertisements that are blocking your access, removing up various system apps from your device, modifying different system apps as per your convenience and a lot more. In short, this app is a power package that will ensure users to meet their requirements just through one end.

The only annoying about this app is, it requires root access to use from your Android phone. But relax, all of its features doesn’t require rooting. There are a variety of tasks involved in it that you can use seamlessly without rooting your device.

You can easily find out a vast range of hacking apps in the market, but is that so easy to work anyone from them? Most of the Android hacking apps present in the market come up with various technical complexities that one need to take some professional help as well. Lucky Patcher APK download comes up with a very interactive and simple interface that makes it quite easy to be used on any devices.

image result for lucky patcher apk android

You have to make some clicks following the instructions provided on your screen, that’s it. You can make use of this hacking app for hacking various games. Whether it is subway surfer or it is about hill climb racing, whether it is about Dr. Driving or Highway rider you can easily earn coins, characters and levels in this game just by making use of this simple tool.

Hold on. Hacking is not only the solution it is providing here, but the app is also a great way to get a bypass from those annoying ads so that you can enjoy the seamless access over any of the provided features. The app runs well on rooting devices so, it’s better to root your device first accessing Lucky Patcher from your device.

If we talk about the memory space it consumes, it just 6.5 MB. It means that you can easily store and access from your device if your memory space is about full. Along with great ease of usability and excellent interface to work on the app costs nothing to pay on.

Features of Lucky Patcher:

After reading such a lovely introduction about this one of the most beautiful hacking tool, you must be eager to know about the main features. So hold on the horses of your excitement and move on a moving ride of various elements of Lucky Patcher APK.

Removes adsno ads lucky patcher

Ad-less Access: It seems to be very irritating when some ads block our way at some new levels of gaming. No one wants to have those annoying ads popping out on their screen whether they are streaming online sources, gaming or accessing some apps. Lucky Patcher Original easily removes the unwanted and irrelevant ads seconds. It’s hardly a matter of a few clicks and you will be free from those unnecessary ads.

It helps in unlocking apps/gaming resources

free luckypatcher

Unlimited coins, gems, levels, and various other resources: Lucky Patcher Download is a straightforward way to get unlimited coins, gems, levels, characters, cars, weapons and numerous other resources in your favorite game very conveniently.

Accessing paid apps/games for Free

paid apps free android

Enjoy free paid apps: Isn’t that seems interesting? Surely for a big YES. Everyone here loves some premium features coming to their bucket for free. Lucky Patcher Original APK is the most excellent tools that make it easy to enjoy various paid apps without paying anything or that. This superb tool comes up with multiple custom patches that offer you a bypass through the verification process of almost all of the application and hence makes it quite easier to enjoy them for free.

It helps you convert any app to system app

system settings icon

Convert simple app to system app: No doubt we all have some applications installed on our devices that we don’t want to lose at any cost. You can easily keep such apps permanently on your smartphone just by making use of Lucky Patcher. The only thing that you have to do for making it happen is just copied the preferred app into the system so that it could get converted into the pre-installed ones.

Move apps to the memory card using lucky patcher

move apps luckypatcher

Move apps to the memory card: Whenever we install any app on our device, it gets automatically saved on to the device’s memory. Now, if you are changing your smartphone and wanted to get that particular app on your new equipment as well, Lucky Patcher APK is the perfect solution that you can make use for shifting the preferred apps into your external memory.

It helps you make in-app purchases

In-app purchasing: One of the most loved features that Lucky Patcher known for. It offers you a bypass from the payment gateway and hence makes you easy to enjoy the premium features for free as well.

Backup important files

take backup feature - lucky patcher

Backup files: Lucky Patcher Original is a power package where you can enjoy various features even backup on the safest way as well. You can easily backup your preferred files and then move them to your PC or Cloud as per your preferences.

Minimum requirements to install lucky patcher:

If you are here to find out a question for your query that how to download Lucky Patcher for Android, this guide will make it a smooth ride for you. But before going further with the equation, we will first like to introduce you with the prerequisites so that you can well prepare yourself for the same first.

Prerequisites: While going further with the installation process of Lucky Patcher Original APK on your device, make sure that your device meets the following requirements or not.

  • Rooted android device
  • Android phone working on Android version 2.3.3 or more
  • Your android phone needs to be compatible with Windows7, 8, or 10
  • The RAM of your Android handset needs to be at least 2GB

Besides, these are the permission requests you will get from your Android device. You will need to agree to them to allow the app to work. These permissions are:

  • To draw over other present apps in your device and also to modify the system settings
  • read the content present in your memory card
  • To change or delete the contents found in your SD Card
  • know the approximate location of your device.

How to Download and Install Lucky Patcher Apk File?

The Lucky Patcher installer now allows its users to install Lucky Patcher apk in their smartphones. Your official version is just a few clicks away. The file size is small and the process to download and install it is pretty simple.

Step by Step Installation process of Lucky Patcher

Step 1: You first need to download the Lucky Patcher apk file. For this, you can click on the button provided below to download the Lucky Patcher original apk file.

If you are unable to download, then you can check out the other link.

Step 2: Before installing the apk file of the Lucky Patcher original installer, you need to enable Unknown Sources from your settings. This will allow your smartphone to install apk files. Go the ‘Settings’ option, then ‘Lock Screen and Security.’ Here you will have to scroll down and look for ‘Unknown Sources’ option. Tap on the option to enable it.

enable unknown sources in security to install lucky patcher

Step 3: Open the Lucky Patcher installer from the downloaded options. You will find it in the ‘File Manager’ or the ‘Downloads’ list. if you are unable to find just type in “Lucky Patcher Apk”

Step 4: After locating lucky patcher apk installer, open it and tap on ‘Install.’ The installation will begin in seconds. After installation of Lucky Patcher Installer in your Android phone, you need to open and give the required permissions.

Step 5: Allow the installation by clicking on the ‘Yes’ option.

lucky patcher installer click yes

Step 6: A pop up related to security will appear. Click on Settings and ‘Allow from this source.’

enable by sliding right

Step 7: You will now get an option to install an official version of the Lucky Patcher app. Click on ‘Install’ and wait.

click install to install lucky patcher app

installing lucky patcher app

Step 8: Now you will receive a warning in the pop-up box saying “Blocked by Play Protect.” You will get this error for apparent reasons. Play Store will not want you to make free in-app purchases. You will receive an option of ‘Install anyway.’ Click on it and wait for the installation process to begin.

Follow below images to install lucky patcher correctly when it’s been blocked by google play store.

click drop down lucky patcher

install anyway lucky patcher

lucky patcher apk for android installed successfully

After installation, you can enjoy premium apps and extensive gaming experience.

How to fix ‘App Not Installed’ error while installing Lucky Patcher?

You might come across an error of ‘App Not Installed.’ To manage this, follow the mentioned steps:

Step 1: Open Google Play Store. Tap on the options and find ‘Play Protect.’

open play protect

Step 2: You need to disable ‘Scan Device for Security Threats.’

disable security check

Step 3: Ignore the warning you receive after this and click ‘Ok.’

click on ok

Now try again to install Lucky Patcher apk file. You have successfully fixed the error of lucky patcher.

How to do in-app purchases using Lucky Patcher?

Well, we have completed with the how-to installation section and its now to move forward with the how to use Lucky Patcher option. For accessing it, all you have to do is:

Step 1: Please make sure that the device on which you are going to use Lucky Patcher has been successfully rooted.

lucky patcher app inside look

lucky patcher apk look

Step 2: Open the installed app on your device and then move forward with the Toolbox section.

Step 3: Scroll down to get the Patch to Android option and then select all the patches being displayed in the list.

Step 4: Your device will start rebooting now, so wait patiently get it accomplished.

Step 5: Once done, minimize the Lucky Patcher app and then allow it to run in the background.

Step 6: Launch the app or game that you wanted to hack with this beautiful tool.

Step 7: Now go to the shopping menu option and search for the possibility of in-app purchases here.

Step 8: Select the purchases you are willing to have and then click on the Buy option.

Step 9: Lucky Patcher APK window will pop up on your screen asking “Do you want to get this item for free?”.

lucky patcher app for android

Step 10: Just press Yes to enjoy the various premium purchases for free.

Willing to get solution for how to download Lucky Patcher for iPhone? Relax. Installation and usage both are much similar to the Android version.

Lucky Patcher No Root Version- Available or Not?

There isn’t a root version of Lucky Patcher available. But you can install the lucky patcher apk file on a rooted device though you will be able to avail only a few limited features. Lucky Patcher needs the root access so to enjoy all the features on your smartphone you need a rooted device with root access.

Video On How To Install Lucky Patcher Apk

Final Words

Plenty of applications and games are there in the market place out which one of the most popular usually includes in-app purchasing options. The introduction of Lucky Patcher into the market has made it quite more comfortable for the users to enjoy various paid apps and in-app purchasing options and numerous other premium features absolutely for free just by getting a safest bypass for the same.

It is a hacked app, but still, the app is being designed to offer you an extreme level of safety and security for the users so that one can easily use it hassle-free on their devices. The price cost to get this app is zero which makes it even more preferred.

Lucky Patcher allows you to hack in a few simple steps. We hope you liked the Lucky Patcher in-depth guide.